Kingdom Expansion 2016-Full Conference Mp3

Kingdom Expansion 2016-Full Conference Mp3

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Kingdom Expansion 2016  Sons And Daughters Rising

We live from Identity, not for our Identity as sons and daughters of God. Leif shares powerfully with insight and testimony's on how to live in "Chair number one" from our Identity and His presence, not for our Identity and his presence. He also shares from his own journey about  Apostle-ships and all other mandates (ships) in the Kingdom and how they need to follow Son-ship

Session 1: Which Chair are you sitting in??

Session 2: Kingdom stages to Zion 1

Session 3: Kingdom stages to Zion 2

Session 4: The Rod in your Hand


Leif Hetland

Originally from Norway, Leif Hetland is the founder of Global Mission Awareness based in Florence, Alabama. In 1995, while he was pastoring a small Baptist church in Norway, Leif was invited to a pastors' meeting where Randy Clark would lay hands on him and catapult his life and ministry into a whole new realm. Since that powerful experience, Leif has ministered in over 51 countries on 5 continents! He is one of the most influential Christian leaders in the Muslim nations today. His meetings and crusades are widely regarded for supernatural healings and signs and wonders.