School Of Sonship Whangarei (Complete School)

School Of Sonship Whangarei (Complete School)

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School of Sonship Whangarei 2016 

This product is 5 MP3 teaching sessions from the Whangarei School of Sonship. 

The School of Sonship (S.O.S) is a 2 – 3 day mobile school born out of a vision to see the body of Christ living ‘the normal Christian life’ as Jesus defined it. We believe that every child of God is called to live lives of powerful love, overflowing with signs, wonders, and miracles, set in the foundation of their identity as children of God.

We want to catalyse a movement of sons and daughters of God who know who they are, who He is, who live in the fulness of their inheritance, and who are equipped to make the world a better place as they establish the Kingdom of God in power and love.

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